What are fountain hoods?

Adagio Fountain Hood Options

Many Adagio Water Features are made with open hoods. You have the option of purchasing either an indoor or outdoor hood cover for your water fountain.

When your water feature is placed near a stairwell or an area where it can be seen from above, you may want to add and indoor hood cover for aesthetic reasons. An indoor hood cover is a piece of black material that sits on top of or inside the hood and covers the top from view. It is only visible from the top.

Serene Waters Indoor Hood CoverIndoor Hood Cover for Serene Waters

If you are placing your water feature outside, we recommend placing it in a covered location such as on a porch or under an awning. If your area freezes in the winter be sure to remove all the water to prevent frozen water from damaging the feature. 

We also recommend you purchase an outdoor hood cover to keep moisture and debris from getting into the light bar and components in the top of the fountain. The outdoor hood covers are made from the same metal trim as your water feature.

Outdoor hood covers for wall mounted features have a slight angle to allow water to run off the front and are attached with hinges to enable you to swing them up to access your water distribution unit and lightbar.

Other styles are flat and can be removed easily for access.

Outdoor hood examples:

Wall Mounted Water Fountain Outdoor Hood CoverWall Mounted Water Fountain Outdoor Hood Cover

Indoor hood examples:

Freestanding Water Fountain Outdoor Hood CoverFreestanding Water Feature Outdoor Hood Cover

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