Fountain Installation

Is it easy to install a water fountain?

Adagio brand fountains are designed for DIY installation.

The larger outdoor fountains are best installed by professionals. You can search for an installer on HomeAdvisor or search on google, focused on local landscape companies.

You should always review the specific set up instructions for your fountain before you begin the installation. Your installation time depends on the type of water fountain that you purchase. It can range anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Here are some basic tips:

  • DIY Friendly - Anyone with basic handyman (or handywoman) skills can install a water fountain.
  • Basic Tools - Most fountains can be installed with tools you already own (e.g. level, screw driver, etc.).
  • Safety - If you are installing a heavy fountain, make sure you have others there to help you lift it.
  • Read the Instructions - You probably hate reading instructions, but doing so will help.

Where do I find instructions?

Instructions specific to your fountain is shipped with your fountain. Also, in some cases, a link to the instructions can be found on on the specific fountain product page. 

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