Can I get a custom logo or image on a fountain?

Yes! You can add your logo or a custom quote and/or image to many wall fountains, floor fountains, and large water walls. The specific application will vary based on the fountain and face material. (Stone surfaces are engraved and glass or mirror surfaces use a vinyl application.)

The Adagio brand of fountains allow engraving in 1-5 colors. The engraving is done by sand blasting the stone surface in the shape of the image you desire. Then the sand blasted surface is hand-painted in the colors you choose. 

Fountains that offer this personalization include the engraving option on the product page and looks similar to this: 

If you already have the file ready, you can upload it using the "Choose File" button as show above. We will use that image to provide a mockup for your approval before producing your custom fountain. 

If you do not yet have the graphic file, you can continue making the purchase without it and we will contact you for next steps. 

If you prefer to get a mockup before making the purchase, use this form to request a mockup and we will contact you for next steps. 

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