Damaged in Shipment

When your new product is delivered please make every effort to inspect the product before taking full receipt from the shipping company. If the box shows significant signs of damage or you know that the product is damaged please refuse acceptance of the shipment and have the shipping company return the item to sender.

If you determine that the product has been damaged after the delivery company has left you must report any damage within 24 hours of receipt. This will allow us to file a claim with the shipping company to replace or repair your merchandise. Failure to follow this requirement could result in you having to incur replacement cost for damaged items. Please keep all packaging materials to be used in the claims process with the shipping company.

Please be aware that due to the size and weight of some materials of the items on our site, touch up paint may be necessary. Small scuff marks and or scratches that may occur on the item are not considered damage. You may receive a sample of touch up paint with your item and additional paint can be ordered through our customer service department for a minimal charge. The touch up paint can be used prior to and after setup of the item to cover small scuff marks and or scratches that may occur due to delivery or setup.

Returning Damaged Products

In the unlikely event your item is received damaged, contact customer support for a RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number. We will arrange to have the product shipped back at our cost. No shipments will be accepted without the RMA, so please call or email before returning any merchandise.



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